Wet Grip / Lake Circuit (Country Roads) 1

Wet Grip / Lake Circuit (Country Roads)

We will assist you to set up your supercar to best the the road type and driving conditions. A ‘comfort’ mode may in fact be quicker and safer than sharpening throttle response, which may hinder progress. When driving on country roads the time between direction changes is often very short, therefore steering input, braking and acceleration need to be in tune with your vision. We will teach you to understand different surfaces and grip levels, essential for holding your lane and when applicable choosing and using the racing line.

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Wet Grip / National Circuit (A Roads) 2

Wet Grip / National Circuit (A Roads)

On A type roads speeds are greatly increased, therefore we teach you to understand depth perception, making you aware of your velocity and closing speeds on other vehicles. On A roads you want to be making smooth and efficient progress, maximising mid corner speeds within legal road limits. Therefore balance, throttle control and braking zones will be focussed on along with swerve and avoidance of objects, pot holes, animals and the like.

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Wet Grip / Oval Circuit (Authobahn and Motorway) 3

Wet Grip / Oval Circuit (Authobahn and Motorway)

At high speeds and on roads without speed limits a supercar is at its maximum and you will find that the gearing reduces substantially in terms of steering inputs. At the Supercar Clinic we will help understand car set up and preparation for these high speeds. We will then teach you how to manoeuvre and change lanes at increasing velocities. You will become familiar with high speed perception and we will then instruct you on how to brake safely and efficiently at speeds in excess of 150mph whilst maintaining complete control. Only by experiencing your car’s maximum dynamics in a safe environment can you truly appreciate its full potential and its limitations, we will demonstrate both.

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2 Day Intensive Course (All 3 Disciplines) 4

2 Day Intensive Course (All 3 Disciplines)

Our 2 day course aims to cover all 3 disciplines; Country Roads, A Roads and Motorway/Autobahn along with Wet Grip sessions to practice techniques associated with each different driving style. You will learn to appreciate the limited time between direction changes in country conditions,  depth perception, velocity and closing speeds on A roads, along with using a supercar at its maximum and how to manoeuvre and change lanes at increasing velocities. This is the ideal course for those who use their supercars daily in a multitude of driving scenarios.

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Defensive Driving (Evasion Course) 5

Defensive Driving (Evasion Course)

Sadly owning a supercar and having the wealth benefits associated with that can make you, your wallet, your watch or your family a target. This may sound alarmist, but better safe than sorry and prevention is better than cure.

The Defensive Driving course will teach you quick and safe getaways, high speed reversing techniques and high speed slalom (forwards and backwards). The course will also offer instruction based around CQP (Close Quarter Protection) and includes, reading areas, door to car and car to door techniques, dealing with hijacking, gun and knife attacks, weaponising common objects, hand to hand combat basics and finally car self sacrfice.

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Sam Maher Loughnan

Sam is a multiple championship winning racing driver, ARDS instructor, stunt precision driver, a development test driver for McLaren and a drift display driver and a drift instructor. Sam also teaches oval racing for the UK’s only official nascar experience. He has worked with a variety of tyre manufacturers and also with multiple car manufacturers on ABS and ESP system development.

The wet grip area at Rockingham is the largest in Europe and Sam has been teaching at this facility for over a decade, delivering driving courses for many different manufacturers and he also utilises this area for his professional stunt school.