Tyres & Brakes

Will I destroy my tyres/ brakes?

While you will use your brakes and tyres harder than on the road, the course is mainly based around fast road speeds on track and on the skid pan there is very little wear.


Is there fuel on site?

Yes there is fuel on site, but there is also a petrol station less than 1 mile away.


Will there be a instructor with me the whole time?

You will have intermittent sessions with your instructor and you will always have a radio in car for us to communicate with you.


How long is the day?

The day will start at 9am and we aim to finish by 5pm with refreshments and a debrief. We aim to be off site by 6pm.

Start time

What time do i need to arrive?

We aim for a relaxed 8:30 arrival.


Can I bring spectators?

Yes each customer can bring one guest, but it’s is a long day on an exposed track, so prepare to wrap up.


Am I insured?

Insurance is down to you. There are many track day insurers out there should you deem it necessary.


Do I need a driving licence?

As you have driven here we hope so.

On track

How much driving time is there?

The driving time is at the maximum possible, we have a specific curriculum to get through and then there is practice time for you to try at your leisure.


Is there food?

Yes the day is fully catered with breakfast and lunch and also refreshments all day.


Can I rebook?

Yes you can rebook with a minimum one weeks notice. We do not offer a refund policy.


Is in car filming allowed?

Yes, as long as it is securely mounted and not held in hand.


What should I wear?

Comfortable clothing and thin soled shoes.


Do I require a helmet?

We provide helmets based on the course you have booked and where increased speeds are likely.


What happens if there is bad weather?

Usually, bad weather (as in wet) only enhances the experience. However with snow or severe ice we will make a decision 24 hours prior to an event.

Road Legal

Does my car have to be road registered?

No, but it has to be in road legal condition.


Is there a noise limit?

Yes, maximum 99db, but we can work with you on this, so please call to discuss if you feel your car is over the limit.


What happens if I breakdown?

We will have a technician onsite to diagnose any faults that may come up on your day . If it is more serious then you need to resort to breakdown cover.

2 Cars

Can I bring more than one car?

Yes, but there will be a 50% surcharge on the day.


What do you class as a supercar?

It is exactly that by way of classification, therefore we expect power in excess of 350bhp and no hot hatches. Please call to enquire if you are in any doubt and before you book.